zondag 11 mei 2014

Asemic Writing in Comics

Asemic writing as ‘bird sounds’.
 (peanuts; Charles M.Schulz)

Asemic writing as an interpretation of foreign language that the character can’t understand.
Bringing up father; George Mcmanus (1927)

Asemic writing as alien language, apparently  an unknown frequency  for a different type of receptor
Mickey Mouse and Eega Beeva; Bill Wash and Floyd Gottfredson (1947)

 Asemic writing as an indicator for brain damage, Possibly in the brocca area, maybe Wernicke's aphasia. Where A person speaks normally but uses random or invented words; leaves out key words; substitutes words or verb tenses, pronouns, or prepositions; and utters sentences that do not make sense. (wikipedia)
Alley oop; V.T.Hamlin (1973)

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