maandag 3 juni 2019

The Elements, Forms, and Behaviors referenced within the Processes are defined in the Library: 

F1: Circle 
F2: Line 

B1: Move in a straight line
B2: Constrain to surface 
B3: Change direction while touching another Element
B4: Move away from an overlapping Element 
B5: Enter from the opposite edge after moving off the surface
B6: Orient toward the direction of an Element that is touching 
B7: Deviate from the current direction

woensdag 30 januari 2019

Grawlixes and Gender

'Programming with Grawlixes' has associated grawlixes with patriarchal stereotypes like rigid conservatives, drill-sergeants and controlling fathers who’s often smug, self-satisfied behavioral schema was cut-off by an unexpected event. (see programming with grawlixes #3)
In other words, the appearance of Grawlixes is also an indicator of the presence of certain gender stereotypes.
 A similar relation is made visible in research into the relation between gender stereotypes and swearing. For example in this study by Karyn Stapleton that states that:
  1. Swearing is perceived as agressive, and in western cultural stereotypes agression is associated with masculine male behavior. Therefore, women who swear 'behave like men'.
  2. Swearwords represent linguistic taboos, and these taboos play an important role in social hierarchies. For example in western patriarchal societies, men are less subject to these taboos than women. So women who swear challenge the cultural staus quo.
  3. Women are also more likely to be judged on moral standing and character. Therefore, women who use bad language are associated with lower class.
This also implies that with the gradual deconstruction of traditional western patriarchal stereotypes, one might expect an increase of women uttering Grawlixes in comics.
This is only partially confirmed by the examples below, I found it is still not easy to find female cartoon characters uttering Grawlixes.
I think this might be because this deconstruction of classical stereotypes not only breaks down traditional gender stereotypes, it also breaks down the western objectivist binaries necessary for the production of Grawlixes. Therefore Grawlixes in general are increasingly rare in contemporary comics except maybe in comics that take a kind of retro perspective.

In the 1960’s Morris & Goscinni’s Calamity Jane is uninhibitedly
‘swearing like a man’ and clearly upsetting the traditional believes of the male actors on the set.
(Lucky Luke, Calamity Jane 1969)

'Cuss like a lady' ; Beetle Baily, Greg & Mort Walker (2015)

Breaking Out - It Ain’t Me Babe Comix, Carole 1970

(BITCH BITCH BITCH, Roberta Gregory 1994)
Within the Riot Grrrl zineculture of the 90’s women
 develop their own female scripts that allow them to curse in their own right

Jessica Jones 2001

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woensdag 27 juni 2018

comics and the roots of abstract art: Les Incoherents (1880s)

An example of the common ancestor of comics and early modernist abstract art;
Les Incoherents (1887) with a mockery on colorfield painting years before it kicked off

Eugène Bataille's (1883) Mona Lisa smoking a pipe inspired Marcel Duchamps L.H.O.O.Q (1919).

(Emile Cohl; Les Joyeux Microbes (1909))

Also member of Les Incoherents; Emile Cohl one of the pioneers of animation

dinsdag 26 juni 2018

Grawlixes and the movies: The King of Bugs (1930)

a variety of Grawlixes popping up after an unexpected crash;
 Grawlixes, Squeens, spurls,  quimps, nittles, confusion and abnormal body posturing

Aesop's Fables; the King of Bugs 1930
John Foster
Harry Baily
van Beuren studio's

maandag 25 juni 2018

Grawlixes: Louis Forton (France 1879 1934)

( Louis Forton, 1928).


 emanata quimps grawlix grawlixes coises grosmots jurons #@!?!

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