woensdag 27 juni 2018

comics and the roots of abstract art: Les Incoherents (1880s)

An example of the common ancestor of comics and early modernist abstract art;
Les Incoherents (1887) with a mockery on colorfield painting years before it kicked off


Eugène Bataille's (1883) Mona Lisa smoking a pipe inspired Marcel Duchamps L.H.O.O.Q (1919).

(Emile Cohl; Les Joyeux Microbes (1909))

Also member of Les Incoherents; Emile Cohl one of the pioneers of animation


dinsdag 26 juni 2018

Grawlixes and the movies: The King of Bugs (1930)

a variety of Grawlixes popping up after an unexpected crash;
 Grawlixes, Squeens, spurls,  quimps, nittles, confusion and abnormal body posturing

Aesop's Fables; the King of Bugs 1930
John Foster
Harry Baily
van Beuren studio's

maandag 25 juni 2018

Grawlixes: Louis Forton (France 1879 1934)

( Louis Forton, 1928).

(from; http://delasaulaie.e-monsite.com/pages/livres-bd-revues/bibi-fricotin.html)

 emanata quimps grawlix grawlixes coises grosmots jurons #@!?!

woensdag 31 januari 2018

maandag 29 januari 2018

Asemic writing in comics: Fufu Frauenwahl

fufu frauenwahl
 for Bilderberg konferenz Jack Chick tribute

Mort Walker (September 3, 1923 – January 27, 2018)

Mort Walker (September 3, 1923 – January 27, 2018)
(image source http://beetlebailey.com/comic_tag/swear-word/)
#grawlixes #grawlix

maandag 4 september 2017

Asemic writing and comics

Asemic writing as alien language:

Superman Action Comics 241 (1958)

popeye: sea hag and alice the goon

dinsdag 3 januari 2017

Grawlixes and Art: Roy Lichtenstein

Wimpy (tweet)
Roy Lichtenstein 1961

original source:
Thimble Theatre, Sagendorf. (1961)

Lichtenstein Foundation