vrijdag 1 juli 2016

Breaking the Frame

"Like other art forms, comics provide frames through which we are invited to see the
world, ways of seeing that suggest ways of being(..)
 The trick, for a radical artist, is to demonstrate, somehow, that this substitution of a world for the world, of a trammeled and blocked-in "worldview" for the "unspeakable" plenitude and plurality of things as they are, is the stuff of everyday life under domination (..)
We are always seeing the world through frames, a world as seen through
"enframing" (Heidegger). The anarchist project demands that we find ways
to reframe the world, to see it anew by breaking with the framework of
conventional perception, transforming the means of perception into its own object,
calling attention to the frame as frame, making ourselves aware that it is a frame -
and not the limits of the world itself."

(Jesse Cohn. Breaking the Frame: Anarchist Comics and Visual Culture (Belphegor 2013)


 Ernst Riebe. Mr. Block; He Tries the Courts (1912)

Grawlixes appear when a routine is cut off by an unexpected event. And
when they appear the anticipated frame-squence is put to a full stop.
The emotional response (in this case 'patriotism') to the unexpected frame-break indicates towards a deeply felt possibly innate connection to the anticipated path of the routine.

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