woensdag 27 april 2016

Vilém Flusser - 1988

"When alphabet was invented, mythical thought gave way to historical thought. Because the structure of linear writing is a uni-dimensional, uni-directional line. So that, by and by, people started to think historically in a causal way and in a critical way."(..)

 Linguistic communication, both the spoken and written world, are no longer capable of transmitting the thoughts and concepts which we have concerning the world. […] It has been clear for several centuries now that, if we want to understand the world, it is not sufficient to describe it by words. It is necessary to calculate the world. So that science has had ever more recurrence to numbers which are images of thoughts. […] Numbers are being transcoded into digital codes and digital codes are, themselves, being transcoded into synthetic images. So it is my firm belief, that if you want to have a clear and distinct communication of your concepts, you have to use synthetic images, no longer words. And this is a veritable revolution in thinking.


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