maandag 29 februari 2016

Programming with Grawlixes

Here are some of the implications of the theory of Grawlixes;

1. The necessary urgency sometimes felt when cursing is similar to what Wassily Kandinsky discribes as 'inner necessity'.

2. The sequence of events leading up to Grawlixes resemble the core-problem of modernism, that is; the unexpected cut program is a consequence of inattentional blindness following the automatic reliance on an artificial program as-if it represents a universal law.

3. At the same time Grawlixes may be seen as evidence that the program of modernism is not completely obsolete.

From a negative point of view Grawlixes are a rigid conservative reflex to an unexpected event.
From a positive point of view Grawlixes are a progressive adventurous leap into the unknown, and the modernist program provided us with a structural tool for that leap.

(Nero, de clo clo clan.Mark Sleen 1983)

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