vrijdag 20 maart 2015

Ideal Flow

The art and science of early computational models by Aldo Giorgini

A project by Esteban Garcia Bravo and Tim McGraw - Purdue University

Simulating is a way of learning and deeply understanding natural phenomena. In the mid 1960s, scientists started to use computers to visualize complex mathematical models to further understand the behavior of large bodies of water. At Purdue University, Aldo Giorgini created algorithms to simulate turbulence and other water perturbations beginning in 1967 as part of his research at the School of Civil Engineering. The resulting visual outputs awoke Giorgini's inner artist and motivated him to incorporate the computer-based water simulations as the base for his compositions. This research analyzed primary sources (manuscripts, software documentation and artifacts) found at Giorgini's estate and revisited Giorgini's contribution developing a WebGL interactive application.


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